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Interviews with poets, writers, artists and performers in the Sacramento arts scene. Plus, Poetry film review show: Reel Poetry.

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Wednesday Nov 24, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Operation FreeSoul Podcast with AndYes AndYes chat with Sacramento Spoken Word Veteran Coon the Poet.  Coon the poet also has been on Iambic podcast. Here is that episode link: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-futxk-e19833 This is the first episode recorded by Operation FreeSoul Podcast.   Instagram Coon the Poet - Coonthepoet AndYes - operationfreesoul CharRon Smith - Iambiczine

Tuesday Nov 16, 2021

CharRon chat with Poet/Songwriter David Rosenheim about his poetic journey, His passion in songwriting, his involvement in 3 music bands, The passion he experience at the Community of Writers summit in Squaw Valley, and Difference with songs and poems.  He also recites his poems: Unincorporated     Social Media David Rosenheim - www.davidrosenheim.com CharRon Smith - Iambiczine (Instagram)

Wednesday Nov 10, 2021

Iambic Poetry podcast Present: Operation FreeSoul Podcast with AndYes. AndYes chats with Recording Artist and Activist Paul Willis.  Paul Willis has moved back to his Hometown of Boston but he is not forgotten. He has landed a incredible mark on Sacramento with several Projects in music, social awareness, and speaking circuit.  Also check out Iambic's interview with Paul Willis, click here   Social Media AndYes - Operationfreesoul Paul Willis- Paulwillisishiphop CharRon - Iambiczine

Friday Oct 29, 2021

Reel Poets review 6 movies that made from famous Poet, Eagar Allen Poe. His Poems and Tales:  The Tell-Tale Heart The Pit and the Pendulum The Fall of the House of Usher The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar The Masque of the Red Death The Raven We checked out 2013 Extraordinary Tales and Simpsons' Treehouse of horrors Snap Judgement The Tell-Tale Heart:  7.5 of 9 Snaps The Pit and the Pendulum: 7.5 of 9 Snaps The Fall of the House of Usher: 8 of 9 Snaps The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar: 8.5 of 9 Snaps The Masque of the Red Death: 7.5 of 9 Snaps The Raven: 9 of 9 Snaps Instagram Marvin - Starvinmarvin09 Auntie Vice - AuntieVice CharRon - Iambiczine  

Thursday Oct 21, 2021

CharRon chats with Poet, recording artist,  and Teacher: Vincent Kobelt. We talk about his poetic journey, teaching, and being involved in Sacramento Poetry legacy. 

Friday Oct 15, 2021

CharRon talks with Spoken Word Poet/Book Author, Cynical Insomniac.  We discuss her latest book: Refuse to Drown. We also talk about mental health, moving from Columbus to a North Carolina and the cultural shock that comes with it.  We even talk about her CD, Melodies within the Grim.  Finally, we finish our interview with a poem. Trigger warning is advised. Refuse to Drown: https://www.amazon.com/Refuse-Drown-Cynical-Insomniac/dp/B09B3PXTKV/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Refuse+to+Drown&qid=1633205371&sr=8-2   Instagram Cynical Insomniac: Cynical_insomniac CharRon Resolution: Iambiczine    

Thursday Oct 07, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Reel Poetry The Reel poets are back again in one room with three new short poetry films off Youtube(Auntie Vice's Pick): Time by Brian Brett, Quarantine by Jason Gonzalez, and Ode to my Father By Mike Beko.  YouTube Links will be displayed on www.reswonderland.com Snap Judgement Time - 7.5 out of 9 snaps Quarantine - 8.5 out of 9 snaps Ode to my Father - 9 out of 9 Snaps Instagram  Marvin - Starvinmarvin09 Auntie Vice - Auntievice CharRon - Iambiczine  

Tuesday Sep 28, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Operation FreeSoul with AndYes.  AndYes has gifted IPP with the audio interviews of several poets.  This episode has a returning Iambic guest Stacy G.  Check out Operation Freesoul on Youtube  also check out Stacy G episode on Iambic: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-hf7ge-d04cea Instagram: AndYes - Operation FreeSoul Stacy G - Stacygspeaks CharRon - Iambiczine

Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

Iambic Poetry Podcast presents Operation FreeSoul with AndYes.  AndYes has gifted IPP with the audio interviews of several poets.  This episode has a returning Iambic guest J Rowe.  Check out Operation Freesoul on Youtube - https://youtu.be/rs7--VAhCI8 Also check out J Rowe on Iambic: https://www.podbean.com/ew/pb-s5cp7-d358c5 Instagram: AndYes - Operation FreeSoul J Rowe - Rowe.writes CharRon - Iambiczine

Tuesday Sep 14, 2021

Reel poets with another SHORT POETRY MOVIES REVIEW: Casey At Bat, Paul Bunyan, and Shooting of Dan Mcgrew.  One trigger is 2 of these movies are Disney's So check out the responses from our poets.  Plus, another R. Service poem. Be intrigued by our Snap Judgement   Snap Judgement  Casey At Bat - 3.25 out of 9 snaps Paul Bunyan - 5 out of 9 snaps Shooting of Dan Mcgrew - 4.50 out of 9 snaps


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