EP 10: J Rowe - Still Iconic

J Rowe - Still Iconic


Sac Slam champion, Educator & World of women candidate J Rowe(Jeanette Sems) came out to chat with me before the Super bowl game.


Topics discuss:


  • Poet Origin
  • Becoming Iconic show
  • Democratic convention
  • Page vs. stage
  • Slam events
  • Ladies of the Knights tour
  • Chapbook in the work
  • World of women
  • Hot poetry in the park
  • Feature with Ike Torres
  • Sacramento visibility in the poetry community
  • Being a professional Bodybuilder


Social media and websites


J Rowe:

  • Instagram - @semply_smiles
  • Facebook  - Jeanette Sems


Iambic podcast:

  • Website: https://linktr.ee/Iambiczine
  • Facebook: @Iambicmag
  • Instagram & Twitter: @Iambiczine
  • Email: Iambiczine@gmail.com


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