Khiry Malik Moore - Sac Black man of Mahogany


CharRon had a chat with Khiry Malik Moore, a respected man in Sacramento poetry community and Black community who is an Entrepreneur, a Poet, Poetry promoter,  Educator, Poetry Host, and DJ.


Topics  Discuss:


Origin in Poetry

Mahogany Poetry Series

Being a poetry promoter

His brother, Terry Moore

Being a poetry host

Mic & Moods poetry show

Page vs. Stage

Being a Entrepreneur

Being a new upcoming Dad

Being a Photographer

Support Black businesses

Being a DJ


Website and Social media


Khiry Malik Moore:


Facebook & Instagram - @Malikspeaks


Instagram: Khiry_themagiceye

Facebook: the magic eye by Khiry

Instagram - Mic & Moods

Facebook: Mahogany poetry Series


Iambic podcast:


Facebook: @Iambicmag

Instagram & Twitter: @Iambiczine


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