CharRon zoom chat with Sacramento new comedian, Kellz Barksdale from New Jersey, who is also a spoken word artist that merge both poetry and comedy together.  This talent created his moniker, Jokenword. We discuss his origin story. His poetry style. Why doe he do comedy and poetry? He discusses his journey from the east coast to the west coast, then from Southern to Northern California. His zoom show, Joke and word. His connection with Coon the Poet,  T.K. Kirkland,  and Wanda Syke. He talks about his book, The Art in Jokenword. He even performs his poem, Monopoly.


Social media and Website:


Social media: Jokenword

Voyage LA interview:

Random Thoughts Podcast Episode #162

Book: Art of Jokenword by Kellz Barksdale:


Iambic poetry podcast


Excerpts: (found on Youtube)

Poem: Entanglement

Comedy Set at Sacramento Punchline


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