CharRon zoom chatted with KC's own Recording Artist and Entertainer: Miss Conception.


Topics Discussed:


  • Her Origin story
  • Being an Entertainer
  • Carnival arts
    • Vibe tribe
  • Using Serato
  • Culture Shock
  • Moving to California
    • Loving Burning man
  • Album titles:Sara what?
  • Her book: Class Action
    • The Pitch
  • Is a Marketing Degree useful?
  • Page vs. Stage
  • Jewish Rappers
  • Top 5 artists
  • Not the Drag queen: Miss Conception


Social media:


IG: missconcept





Iambic Poetry podcast



Song except:

R.A.P. (Rhythmn and Poetry) by Miss Conception


Book: Class Action - pop poetry book:


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